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Dec 03 2012

Our activities are funded by:

  • Carnegie Social Initiative;
  • Aland Peace Institute, Finland;
  • Save the Children, Sweden;
  • American Centre;
  • Emmaus International;
  • Foreign Embassies in Lithuania;
  • Municipality of Vilnius.


We are very thankful for all individual sponsors and donors of our activities:

  • "Aljanika"
  • "AREM─«"


We are very grateful:

  • Vilniaus Women associaon for supporting victims of human traffiking


Dec 03 2012
  • Human Trafficking Investigation Unit under the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau;
  • NGO Confederation for Children;
  • Caritas Lithuania;
  • Caritas Vilnius;
  • Klaipeda Social and Psychological Services Center;
  • IOM Vilnius;
  • Aland Peace Institute, Sweden;
  • Kaunas Women Association;
  • Gaumina;
  • Kartikas.

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